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101 Fitness: Does Coffee Make You Gain Weight?

Posted by on May 17, 2016 in Fitness, Nutrition | Comments Off on 101 Fitness: Does Coffee Make You Gain Weight?

This is probably a question I get the most frequently. There are so many people who are struggling to decide whether or not coffee is good for them and should they drink it on a daily basis. If you think that coffee is what makes you weight gain, here’s what you should know.

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Why Coffee Is Popular?

First thing’s first, let’s explain why coffee is popular. Coffee is immensely popular due to one reason, it helps numerous people get up in the morning and wake up before they go to work. The truth is that coffee is a powerful stimulant that will help us manage our work, our daily lives and finish our errands. This is why the majority of people do not even think about starting their day without a cup of coffee.

Coffee And Appetite

espresso-1209522_1920If you think that coffee is what makes you gain weight, let me just briefly tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong. If anything, coffee affects your appetite in a good way. In other words, a cup of coffee will reduce your appetite and make you feel less hungry, at least for a while. In addition to that, if you have just a cup of pure black coffee without sugar, it literally had no calories. Contrary to that, if you like to drink your coffee with a ton of milk, cream, chocolate, sugar and cookie, you are definitely adding calories that the list of what you have had for the day. In other words, these two situations are definitely not the same, and this is what you should have in mind when counting your calorie intake.

Coffee And Weight Loss

In fact, coffee can help you lose weight in more than one way. As it has been previously mentioned, coffee is a powerful stimulant. That said, it means that a cup of coffee will definitely make you feel more energized and you will become more active. In addition to that, a cup of black coffee early in the morning combined with a cardio exercise can in fact help you burn fat. This is how coffee can that not least help you lose weight, rather than gain weight.

Weight Gain

Does coffee make you gain weight? Well, if you have been putting on a few extra pounds and blaming it on your coffee intake, you should definitely take another look at your diet. Perhaps the weight you have gained is a result of drinking coffee full of sugar, with cream and high fat milk. However, in my experience chances are that your weight gain is a result of reduced physical activity and increased calorie intake. belly-2354_1920That being said, if you want to lose weight go through a diet once again and see where you are making mistakes.

Physical Activity

Increasing physical activity is immensely important in order to lose weight. Have this in mind the next time you start that you think coffee for your calorie intake and your weight gain.

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How To Lose Weight With A Busy Schedule

Posted by on May 24, 2016 in Fitness | Comments Off on How To Lose Weight With A Busy Schedule

If you would like to lose weight, having a tight schedule can make the process even harder, but that should not be used as an excuse. You can lose some weight while still maintaining a tight schedule, but it will require foresight and extra planning. The main part to concentrate on is trying to fit in different exercises into the day, but with a few changes here and there, it is easy to do. Losing some weight on a tight schedule doesn’t have to make you an even busier person.


Here is how you can get rid of some weight even with a tight schedule and not feel overburdened;

1. Get enough sleep

This is probably the most important point. Sometimes it feels like the hours are not enough and it can be tempting to wake up early and stay up late to get things done, especially if you are trying to add in regular exercises into the daily routine. This strategy can backfire if you do not get enough and quality shuteye for the body to function properly and muscles to rest. If you are looking to lose weight you will need to have at least eight hours of sleep daily.

2. Eat fresh and whole foods

The fewer foods you eat that have a label or come in a box, the healthier your diet is. There are very many delicious organic foods readily available in the market which can easily be incorporated into your diet. Add a lot of salads, vegetables and fruits to your menu. Do not forget protein, it is an excellent boost in your weight loss quest. Additionally, cut on calorific drinks. Instead of taking heavy and calorie filled drinks, drink fresh juices, smoothies or green tea. They not only act as anti oxidants, they brighten the skin and help tone down the body.

3. Set a routine and stick to it

A great way to kill someones confidence is constantly starting and stopping a fitness regimen. Make a plan and have a goal weight, stick to it until it is accomplished. The most eye opening but interesting process is taking note of all the daily work and jotting it down. This brings light to the various daily tasks and things that can be omitted and what can be done from home.

Avoid Junk Food

4.Eat Mindfully

Do not eat while watching the TV. You should concentrate on what you are eating and ensure that you stick to the portions you have set out for yourself. Carry packed lunch instead of buying lunch. This is one of the most economical and simplest ways to lose weight since it does not need any fast and hard rule. It eliminates the room for the question about where the food is coming from and how it has been prepared. It also ensures that the food consumed has the necessary calories you require at lunch time.

5. Daily chores

These daily tasks may seem boring and normal, but they can prove to be the most rewarding tasks of each day. Cleaning, washing and arranging the house requires full body and mind movement. They also improve creativity and burn calories with a sense of pride.

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5 Muscle Building Mistakes Every Beginner Makes

Posted by on May 22, 2016 in Fitness | Comments Off on 5 Muscle Building Mistakes Every Beginner Makes

As a beginner in the gym, you probably have the energy and desire to build your muscles and achieve the killer body that all gym enthusiasts have achieved. However, it is important to consider adhering to the gym commandments because when you shirk them, you will be prone to severe progress-stunting mistakes that may hinder your muscle gains. Although you like spending your all your time in the gym, you should consider engaging in reasonable and result oriented exercises to ensure that you don’t waste your money, time and energy in the gym. Moreover, we are all humans, and we make mistakes, but we should be keen not to repeat the same mistakes again. It is advisable to understand you mistakes so that you can concentrate on eliminating them hence will kick start your muscle building progress. Hence, here are top five muscle building mistakes every beginner makes.


1. Neglecting the building of a strength foundation

An essential thing you require as a beginner in the gym is to build your strength foundation. Many beginners always rush to engage in intricate workout exercises that can be good but requires one to be ready. They always neglect the building of their strength foundation which is essential in making them to be ready for the intensive workouts and to avoid injuries. You should focus on the compound movements such as bench press, shoulder press, deadlift and squats to build you the foundation. Your body is aware of the excellent strength gains hence, you need to train in a way that it promotes the achievement of great muscles.


2. Resting for long between the sets

You primary goal when you are in the gym is to increase your power and strength hence you need to do as many sets as possible as you add the weights to gain more power. The mistake arises when you rest for a long time between your respective sets. The optimal time that you should rest between the sets has been considered to be around 30-90 seconds. You should consider cutting your rest interval between the exercises so as not to interfere with your working intensity.

3. Not having a consistent training plan

To achieve more muscle gain in the gym requires a consistent plan of how you will do your workouts during the week. Many beginners always get to the gym with a lot of energy hence, will engage in every exercise that excites them without understanding the muscle they are targeting in the respective workouts. As a beginner, you should have a journal that has all your muscle building plans and workouts split. Your plan should be able to tell the specific muscle groups you intend to hit in the day, a cardio schedule and precise details of your training results such as sets, reps, and weights.

4. Lack of enough sleep

Muscles always grow when one is outside the gym hence, a body builder is always required to have enough sleep so as to allow muscles to grow and relax. Sleep is important because when you are lifting the weights; your muscle fibers are subjected to some micro tears which are always repaired when you are resting thus not having enough sleep will only subject you to serious injuries due to unrepaired micro lesions. 

5. Not doing enough sets

Many beginners always make many muscle building mistakes because they are wholly impatient and curious in their workouts. You are always required to engage in an optimal number of sets that will improve your muscle hypertrophy which is always 12-20 sets per a muscle group in a week. This requires you to always to strive to reach the highest number of sets and weights.

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5 Ways to Optimize Your Sleep

Posted by on May 20, 2016 in Lifestyle | Comments Off on 5 Ways to Optimize Your Sleep

Having the best sleep is vital because it helps your body to heal and re-energize itself as your mind is wandering around the dreamland. What matters in sleep is the quantity and quality however the normal time that a person is required to sleep is more than eight hours in one night. This creates the question of what the quality of sleep entails. Your daily routine is what mostly determines how your nightly rest will be considering your daytime fatigue and activities. Moreover, the quality of your sleep is determined by many factors such as your bedtime habits, sleep schedule, and your daily lifestyle. Being sleep deprived causes emotional and physical drain while optimizing sleep enables you to be productive, emotionally balanced, mental sharpness and to be full of energy during the day. Here are five ways to get your best sleep.



1. Have a sleep schedule and stick to it

When you want to optimize your sleep, then you need to have a sleep schedule whereby you set the time that you go to bed and the time that you will wake up in the morning every day regardless of holidays and weekends. You should stick to the sleep schedule consistently so that you can reinforce your body`s sleep-wake cycle and you will train your brain which will help you in optimizing sleep. When you cannot sleep at the set time, then you should just engage in a relaxing activity rather than trying to force yourself to sleep.

2. Pay attention to what you eat and drink

The food you eat every day significantly affects your sleep routine. You should never go to be when you are hungry or stuffed. The journey to getting a good sleep starts in the morning where you are required to eat a heavy breakfast in the morning. You should then eat well throughout the day while avoiding the eating of junk or spicy food and choosing to take what will help you to drift off well. You should avoid any drinks that have caffeine and alcohol as well as anything that has nicotine because their stimulating effects take a long time to fade hence will affect your sleep. You should also limit the fluids that you drink before going to bed so as to reduce cases of disruption such as going to the toilet.

3. Create a relaxing and a comfortable bedtime ritual

You need to establish a pre-sleep routine whereby you will engage in things that will that will tell your body that it is time to sleep. The activities may include taking a warm birth, listening to some soothing music or read a book while the lights are dim. These will help in promoting your sleep quality hence eases your transition between drowsiness and wakefulness. Moreover, you should create a comfortable sleep environment in your bedroom by using the shades that darken the room, having a fan and earplugs, a comfortable mattress and a pillow that will enable you to optimize your sleep. You should also avoid using a TV or any other electronic gadget as part of your bedtime ritual.


You must Exercise!

4. Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly is essential in improving the quality of your sleep in such a manner it enables you to feel less sleepy in the day, deepens your sleep and makes you fall asleep quickly during the night. Moreover, exercises are known to improve the symptoms of sleep apnea and insomnia hence will always improve your sleep quality.

5. Eat your dinner earlier

It is highly recommended to eat your dinner early so that you can have time for your body to adjust to the digestive processes. It also helps in reducing the number of issues that may cause discomfort hence interrupt your good sleep.

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